THANKS for taking the time to visit my site.

I’M A WRITER, EDITOR AND ARTIST. I grew up in Buffalo, New York and now live on a small island in Washington State.

THIS YEAR I COPYEDITED a children’s book about a young eagle in India who tries to fly to the heavens as well as numerous journal articles on global (in)equality. I also provided developmental editing for an adult nonfiction book about Martin Luther King, Jr’s Poor People’s Campaign, forthcoming from W.W. Norton as well as an adult nonfiction book about early American explorers in Australia. I am currently proofreading revisions to a book on a shipwreck and rescue in the Gulf of Mexico, previously published from The Free Press.

IN THE RECENT PAST, I HAVE EDITED writing on civil rights and non-violent activism, revival of a Chilean Indigenous language, English language learning in South Korea, taboos in higher education in Japan, effectiveness of study abroad programs, and more. I also acted as a speaker coach for a microbiologist from Costa Rica at TEDx San Juan Island in 2016.

MY WRITING AND PHOTOGRAPHY APPEAR in Poetry Northwest online, SmokeLong QuarterlyAcross the Margin and The Review Review. In 2006, I was awarded the Scribbler’s Prize for the best piece of creative writing by an undergraduate woman for a collection of my poetry. The prize was awarded by the State University of New York at Buffalo.

photo of me reading at Talking Leaves

Jill Twist reading her short story at Talking Leaves Bookstore, Buffalo, New York