THANKS for taking the time to visit my site.

I AM A WRITER, EDITOR, AND ARTIST. I grew up in Buffalo, New York and now live on an island in Washington State.

I COPYEDIT, PROOFREAD, AND PROVIDE DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING for manuscripts about equality, social justice, and global respect. I strive, as the writers that I work with strive, to see and respond without bias.

IN SPRING 2019 I edited books on: the Muslim-Jewish exchange of ideas in al-Andalus (medieval Muslim Spain); community healing after mass shootings, which pulled heavily from the Navajo Nation’s peacemaking program; and the lost soul of the American presidency.

OTHER TOPICS I’VE EDITED include an anthology on activism driven by people with marginalized identities, such as undocuqueer immigrants and Black women;  civil rights and nonviolent activism; revival of a Chilean Indigenous language; taboos in higher education in Japan; and early American explorers in Australia. I was also a speaker coach for a microbiologist at TEDx San Juan Island in 2016.

I WRITE FICTION AND POETRY. In 2006, I was awarded the Scribbler’s Prize for the best piece of creative writing by an undergraduate woman for a collection of my poetry. The prize was awarded by the State University of New York at Buffalo.

photo of me reading at Talking Leaves

Jill Twist reading her short story at Talking Leaves Bookstore in Buffalo, New York

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