JILL HAS A GOOD HEART AND A KEEN EYE. Writers need both. She helps to reinforce the positive act of writing but at the same time is a good writer’s critic. She is a charm to work with.” Michael Honey, Haley Professor of Humanities, University of Washington, Tacoma

“WRITING IS A COLLECTIVE PROCESS AND JILL IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF MINE.  She is proactive and careful of not missing any detail. She has arranged her schedule to my constrained deadlines, which considerably reduces my pressure load.” Roxana Chiappa, Social Sciences PhD Student, Washington

“I REALLY LIKE HOW MY WRITING HAS EVOLVED THANKS TO JILL. She takes the time to teach some tips for future writings. You can tell from her edits that she respects the author and loves language.” Rukmini Becerra, Social Sciences Researcher, Chile

“JILL WAS MY EDITOR AND THOUGHT PARTNER on a recent chapter I wrote for a book on higher education. She has a positive, supportive attitude and is very approachable even when giving critique. I would highly recommend her.” Kati Bell, Director, Global Education Office, Dominican University, California  

“WHAT I LOVE ABOUT WORKING WITH JILL is that she immerses herself in the story, feeling into what you, as the author, are trying to convey. She helped me bring important pieces to life that were integral in my book. She keeps the whole picture in mind and is full of heart-felt intentions to create beautiful literature. She is exceptional at what she does.” Sahara Sun, Memoirist, Heart Broke Open

“JILL LOOKS AT LIFE FROM A VERY ARTISTIC PERSPECTIVE. Ever since Jill has entered my professional life, I feel a sense of calmness…I know she will take care of the details and leave no stone unturned.” Debra Sullivan, Professional, San Juan Island, Washington