I WRITE because I love seeing emotions evolve. Through writing, I’ve learned that each genre is unique, and yet, grounded in the same ability to transport me to another place, another perspective, another moment in time. Also, I could read forever.

I READ literary magazines because I love reading new and contemporary writers, and how it feels to experience the mix of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art.


Soon We Will. Across the Margin, July 2016. Also mentioned in podcast, August 2016.

“It must not surprise you when I destroy these drawings of you. I’ve made countless drawings this morning and I would have kept them all, every one, had they any life in them. Them. You must understand, it is the drawings that have failed, not you. There is more life in you than charcoal and newsprint can capture, so I beg of you be patient, as I must be patient.”

Song of My Family. Rozlyn Press, Summer 2015.

“Tia Maria Josefina Montoya. This is my Mexico. This, the name my family grew over generations and sang to me the day I was born. This is my Mexico. Tia for my mother, Maria for my mother’s mother, Josefina for my father’s mother, Montoya for my father and all the ancestors that came before him.”



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