WHAT I LOVE ABOUT WRITING is seeing ideas and emotions evolve. Through writing, I’ve learned that each form of writing is unique, and yet, grounded in the same ability to transport me to another place, another perspective, another moment in time. Also, I could read forever.

I BEGAN WRITING REVIEWS of literary magazines in 2016 on a whim, but I continue to do so because I very much enjoy reading contemporary writers. What I particularly love about these magazines is the mixture of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art.


Across the Margin image

Soon We Will. Across the Margin, July 2016. Also mentioned in podcast, August 2016.

“It must not surprise you when I destroy these drawings of you. I’ve made countless drawings this morning and I would have kept them all, every one, had they any life in them. Them. You must understand, it is the drawings that have failed, not you. There is more life in you than charcoal and newsprint can capture, so I beg of you be patient, as I must be patient.”

Rozlyn Press image

Song of My Family. Rozlyn Press, Summer 2015.

“Tia Maria Josefina Montoya. This is my Mexico. This, the name my family grew over generations and sang to me the day I was born. This is my Mexico. Tia for my mother, Maria for my mother’s mother, Josefina for my father’s mother, Montoya for my father and all the ancestors that came before him.”



(Please note: an asterisk before the title indicates that I did not write the title.)



*Hope, Connection, and Joy in Creative Nonfiction Magazine. The Review Review. April 2017.

…if there is one piece in this issue that embodies hope, it is the Best Essay Prize Winner, Kim Kankiewicz, for “Rumors of Lost Stars.” In this essay on stars, sight and loss of sight, Kankiewicz strings together such phrases as “my eyes are fragile planets” and “how do I reconcile the vastness of the universe with the tightness of my chest?” This piece is poetic and compact…The only fault I found in it is that it ended.

*Berlin-Based Journal Reads Like a PuzzleThe Review Review. March 2017.

If ever there was a literary magazine that you could read straight through, in one sitting, Issue 14 of SAND is definitely not it. The variety, the complexity, the sometimes maddening strain to read and understand what’s presented, all of this asks, no, begs the reader to stop, and reflect, before reading more.

*Online Mag Redefines Literary Content. The Review Review. January 2017.

At a time when many literary magazines are closing up shop, at five years old Across the Margin (ATM)is adding to theirs. More than adding. It’s reconstructing—not only its image as an online magazine, but also many notions of what it means to be ‘literary.’

*Penguin Random House Offers a Lit Mag With Quality and Variety in ContentThe Review Review. December 2016.

At only five years old, Hazlitt has the solidness that a magazine needs these days to be modest. Take for example one of their very few self-promoting articles on the site. In May of 2016, Hazlitt announced their 15 nominations for National Magazine awards with the sub-title: “We are pleased.” Many a magazine could take a cue from Hazlitt on modesty, though not every magazine has the backing of the publishing powerhouse, Penguin Random House Canada.

*Online Lit Mag from London Confounds and Excites. The Review Review. November 2016.

It would be easy to say Five Dials‘ Issue 39 is “smart” because it is difficult and strange and beautiful. It would be just as easy to say Issue 39 is “dumb” because it is difficult and strange, though beautiful. But if we consider the words on the pages as reflection of the magazine, lets say it is neither. It is neither smart nor dumb. It is neither good nor bad. It is a fraternity of readers, and of writers, who are confused, but also curious, about life. And committed to talking about it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.50.29 PM

Simply Art, Simply Science.” Published as Lifestyles opener in Bellingham Alive and North End Metro, June/July 2015. Article highlight: “…delving into the murky depths of the Puget Sound is easier than ever, thanks to the seamless integration of art and science.”

Jim Stegall screenshot

Seeing the World in a Whole New Way.”  Published as Lifestyles opener in Bellingham Alive and North End Metro, April/May 2015.  Article highlight: “They saw things with their limited vision that healthy-eyed tourists would never have seen…”

IMA Bell Alive screenshot

A New Draw to the San Juan Islands.”  Published in Bellingham Alive and North End Metro, Feb/March 2015.  Article highlight: “The metropolitan art scene is about to take a permanent island detour.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.20.03 PM

“Spotlight: Vegan Voices in Buffalo.”  Published in Buffalo Spree, November 2014.  Article highlight: “Now days you can’t swing a stalk of kale without hitting a vegetarian, or even its not so distant cousin—the vegan.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 4.39.21 PM

“You Bring the Paint, We Bring the Inspiration.” Published on

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 5.19.12 PM

Wrote new copy and extensively edited/updated existing copy for the Imaging section of Great Lakes Medical Imaging website, including all 7 subpages. Also edited and updated all other sections of website.


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